Tired of buying poor quality cattle at auction houses. Have you been burned by buying cattle from a broker or through classifieds? is dedicated to helping ranchers, buyers and local livestock auction commissions find the highest quality cattle in the US at a great value. If you are looking for top quality cattle you have found the right spot.

In addition to our own ranches; The Rugged Oak Ranch, Saltillo, TX, Los Senderos Cattle Ranch, Nixon, TX and other leased ranches, we have access to dozens of other owner/producers and can arrange private treaty sales and transportation.

All of our cattle are what experience ranchers would call “top cattle” high end mother cows F-1 Tiger Stripe, Angus, Brangus, Black Baldie, etc… bred back to registered high end bulls; Charolais, Angus, Simmi-angus, Maine-angus, etc… Just call and we’ll try to meet your needs.

We also stock and provide several thousand round bales of hay on a year-round basis for sale. Our hay is fertilized, high quality Bermuda as well as rye/clover mix. Bales are 5x6 and 4x5 and are located at our hay facility in North East Texas.

Cattle and Hay sales
Below are links to video examples of cattle sold:
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